Stefanie Freele

Stefanie Freele's short story collection Feeding Strays was just released by Lost Horse Press. She also has a new chapbook available through Bannock Street Books titled MOTEL. Recent and forthcoming work can be found in wonderful literary magazines like Glimmer Train, American Literary Review, Wigleaf, Night Train, Literary Mama, McSweeney’s Internet Tendency, FRiGG, Dogzplot, and Hobart online. Stefanie has an MFA from the Northwest Institute of Literary Arts: Whidbey Writers Workshop. She is on the editorial staff of SmokeLong Quarterly and is also the Fiction Editor for the Los Angeles Review.

classic you’ve been meaning to read

War and Peace – Will I read it? Maybe. Who knows. Perhaps when the world stands still and gives me a week or two off. And when it does, no, I won't do your laundry.

last book to make you laugh out loud

I think Russell Edson's The Song of Percival Peacock – which I'm not yet done with. It has made me laugh so many times I just can't believe it.

book you borrowed and never returned

Can't think of any. But, whoever borrowed Scott Poole's Hiding From Salesmen wouldja please give it back?

most treasured book in your collection

There isn't one. I have a "favorites shelf.” The left hand side of the shelf is most likely the most treasured bunch because they are fabulous books by authors I either know well, have met or have sent an e-mail to two to: Ray Vukcevich's Meet Me In the Moon Room, Barry Yourgrau's Wearing Dad's Head, Randall Brown's Mad to Live, Tania Hershman's The White Road, several by David Wagoner, Bruce Holland Rogers, Susan Zwinger.

There are also a bunch of authors I don't know personally, but would love to: Jonathan Lethem (Motherless Brooklyn), Donald Barthelme (Sixty Stories), Cormac McCarthy (The Road). I need a bigger shelf.

secret crush on a writer or literary character

Some secrets are not meant to be told.

book you’ve planted on a coffee table to impress someone

I don't have a coffee table nor do I want one. People are usually impressed by how I dress. My mother describes my personal style as "Eccentric Camper." I've been known to wear flannel shirts, hiking boots and even the occasional bandana.

if you could subscribe to only one literary journal

Too hard and painful of a decision. I love lit mags and I want to subscribe to tons and tons and tons and tons and tons of them.

best thing you’ve read online recently

Best? Oh, there is so much! Starting with Wigleaf's Top 50 and on. There is some fabulous writing online these days. I can't keep up with all of it.

recommended reading list:

Cool Sounding Small Press Books That Haven’t Yet Come Out, But I Know the Authors’ Work And They Are Damn Good, So Therefore I Will Preorder And So Should You

- In an Uncharted Country by Cliff Garstang (Press 53)

- Beasts and Violins by Caleb Barber (Red Hen Press)

- Rattlesnakes and The Moon by Darlin Neal (Press 53)

- Now Playing by Shellie Zacharia (Keyhole Press)

- The Book of Want by Daniel Olivas (University of Arizona Press)

- The Mansion of Happiness by Robin Ekiss (University of Georgia Press)


  1. I can't find that Olivas book you mention and the University of Arizona Press isn't the publisher... any ideas where I can find a copy?

  2. http://www.powells.com/biblio?isbn=1931010692

    Hi - The Olivas book isn't available for preorder just yet - it will be coming out in 2011. Above is Daniel's current book "Anywhere But L.A.".


  3. Thank you so much for the mention, Stefanie - alongside Barry Yourgrau, I am deeply honoured. Here's to your bigger shelf!